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Vertical Internal/External Bearing

Manufacturer: Roto Pumps

Vertical Internal / External Bearing RV series

Capacities up to 500 m3/hr
Pressures up to 40 bar

These pumps are designed to suit the areas where space is a constraint. They are available in internal as well as external bearing configurations. These pumps can handle fluids with high temperatures up to 3500C / 6600F with or without steam jacketing, electrical/steam tracing arrangement as an option. API 682 type seals can be mounted. Built in safety relief valve designed for 100% bypass.

Roto’s Vertical Twin Screw Pumps are available in both external & internal bearing configuration. Pumps with steam jacketing as an option is also available. The suction & discharge ports are in a line.
Mechanical seals are standard. Option for gland packing is also available. Pumps are fitted with relief valves suitable for 100% bypass.

Oil & Gas
Edible Oil
Power Plant