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Type XRT

Manufacturer: IAP

IAP's type XRT is a rugged multi purpose centrifugal fan. The XRT fills the gap between Backward Inclined / Airfoil style and Industrial Exhauster fans. Higher pressure and material handling capability than Backward Inclined / Airfoil with higher efficiency and larger volume delivery over traditional Industrial Exhausters. Type XRT centrifugal fans are suited for corrosive applications and elevated temperatures and well matched for a wide range of industrial applications which include: POLLUTION CONTROL, THERMAL OXIDATION, DRYING SYSTEMS, FLUID BED AERATION, DUST COLLECTION, PROCESS EXHAUST & RECOVERY AIR, INDUCED DRAFT BOILERS AND KILN EXHAUST.

XRT Radial Tip Fans are designed for efficient air movement of clean and particulate laden airstreams. XRT fans run slower than their Backward Inclined and Airfoil counterparts for a given static pressure rating. Specifically designed for heavy duty industrial applications in both direct and belt drive.

XRT wheels utilize heavy gage radial tip self cleaning blades. Wheel design produces moderate to high static pressures at typical industrial process flow rates. Well suited for wear liners and easily constructed of special alloys.
Static efficiencies in excess of 75%. Catalog Static Pressures to 40 in. wg. with custom designs up to 50 in. wg.


MAXIMUM FLOW300-175,000 SWSI 12,000-400,000 DWDI



MATERIAL HANDLINGlight to moderate particulates