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Type ICA

Manufacturer: IAP

The type ICA is an inline fan with a centrifugal wheel. ICA fans combine the efficiency of a centrifugal airfoil wheel with the compactness of a tubular fan housing; saving space while reducing horsepower consumption and operating costs.

ICA fans are non overloading and suited for a wide range of clean air industrial applications which include: VENTILATION SUPPLY & RETURN AIR, EXHAUST AIR, HEATING, VENTILATING & COOLING. ICA fans incorporate continuously welded heavy gauge housings, smooth venturi spun inlet cones and highly efficient wheels with airfoil blades & aerodynamic spun shrouds. Motor supports are comprised of rigid formed steel plate with adjustable motor mounting plate for belt tensioning. Rigidly constructed bearing and shaft tube support is provided with a removable end plate for bearing, shaft and sheave access. The design and construction of the ICA fan family allows for highly efficient air movement with higher pressure capability than traditional axial & propeller inline fans.
The ICA fan is also available in a vertical stack or roof mount with and without curb cap, wind band and butterfly back draft outlet damper.


MAXIMUM FLOW3,000-150,000 SWSI