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Type B Pack

Manufacturer: IAP

B PACK, direct drive arrangement 4 fan designed for top and side mounting on dust collectors Fan package includes high efficient type B Backward Inclined non overloading wheel and premium efficiency rnotor.

Seven fan sizes to accommodate dust collector manufacturers' standard units. Fan handles relatively clean air at moderate pressures. Airflow to 12,000 ACFM and static pressures lo 20 In. wg. B PACK fans have reinforced inlet side sheet and inlet flange for mounting upright on their Inlet side or horizontal on the side of a collector

• Premium efficiency motor is standard with explosion proof and severe duty motors available as options.
• No belts to contend with; virtually maintenance free with wheel mounted directly to motor shaft.
• Lifting lugs are standard and positioned for convenient balanced hoisting during installation.
• Designed for temperatures up to 180 F.
• Heavy gauge welded steel wheel, continuously welded re enforced housing with precision trim balance prior to shipment eliminates vibration and insures a long lasting, trouble free unit

Options and Accessories
• Bolted drive side cover plate option available for wheel and motor removal as a unit without disconnecting entire unit from the collector.
• Outlet screen for unducted outlet
• Outlet flow control damper
• Outlet silencer
• Spark resistant construction