TRA 10 - Brownlee-Morrow Company z

TRA 10

Manufacturer: Wright Flow Technologies

Designed for easy strip cleaning, the pump casing is independently fastened to the gearbox to prevent damage to the seals when the cover is removed, and to allow the rotors to be turned while spraying down the fluid chamber. Bearing retainers are stainless steel, not carbon steel, ensuring longer life under harsh cleaning conditions. Grease fittings are threaded, not pressed in, to prevent accidental removal during greasing.

• One-piece stainless steel shafts instead of welded bi-metal.
• Helical timing gears instead of spur gears.
• SiC/SiC seals instead of Carbon/Ceramic.
• Powder coated casing (FDA white, RAL 9003), instead of painted iron.
• Pump housing dowel pinned and bolted to gear case, instead of dowel pinned only, to protect seals.
• Time tested and proven circumferential piston design.
• Exceptional engineering and manufacturing quality.
• Parts interchangeable with other major CPP manufacturer's Pumps.