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Style 18

Manufacturer: Fluidol

Fluidol Style 18 Single Cartridge High Pressure Seal

The Fluidol Style 18 is a Single Balanced High Pressure Cartridge Seal that is rated to 1200 psig and meets API 610 specifications. This beefy Cartridge will also perform at very high speeds up to 6500 FPM. The Style 18 lends itself to high pressure Boiler Feed and Condensate Pumps.

Both Flush and Quench/Drain ports are standard and complete with a Disaster Bushing. This Stationary Design incorporates Antimony Filled Carbon and Silicon Carbide as the standard face materials. The standard temperature range can be extended with the use of O-ring material rated to 605° F. A wide variety of environmental controls can be used with the Style 18 and should be based on the particular application.

• Stationary design
• Balanced design
• Silicon carbide seat standard
• Flush, quench and drain standard
• Cartridge seal

Style 18 Benefits
• For high speed service (6500 FPM)
• For pressure to 1200 psig
• Best PV factor/runs cooler
• Wide range of environmental control options
• Easy Installation