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Series 03

Manufacturer: Hartzell Fan

Backward Curved, Single Width Centrifugal Fan

Achieve maximum performance and quiet operation with the Hartzell Series 03 Backward Curved Centrifugal Fan, featuring a single width, single inlet wheel (SWSI) design.
Suitable for handling clean air and industrial fumes, this heavy duty centrifugal fan is available in wheel diameter sizes from 12" to 60" in Class I, II, or III and arrangements 1, 3, 4, 8, 9, 9M, or 10. Both clockwise and counterclockwise rotations are available, and fan sizes from 12" through 33" feature field rotatable housings with the discharge adjustable to any of eight AMCA standard positions. Series 03 backward curved fans provide efficient airflow over a broad range of pressures, with maximum total efficiencies exceeding 80%. Air delivery ranges from 700 CFM to 104,000 CFM, with static pressure capabilities to 14" and higher. Designed for quiet operation, the fans provide lower sound levels in the highest efficiency ratings.

Available with Type BC or Type BA (airfoil) wheels (18" through 60"), both versions provide non loading horsepower characteristics. Type BC wheels feature single thickness airfoil blades, while Type BA wheels have double thickness hollow airfoil blades. Series 03 fans made with type BC wheels are AMCA certified for air and sound performance.

The heavy industrial duty construction includes continuously welded rolled steel housings and heavy gauge hot rolled steel and structural steel bearing and motor pedestal bases. Most Series 03 arrangements are constructed for operation in temperatures up to 300°F, with special construction for temperatures up to 800°F available in most arrangements. Motors are exterior mounted standard to allow easy electrical connections, adjustments and maintenance, and standard fans and accessories feature a pretreated, industrial duty air dry blue enamel finish.

A wide range of special features, designs, performances, configurations, materials, finishes and accessories are available in stock and from production to fit specific ventilation, temperature, and corrosion requirements. As with all Hartzell products, Series 03 centrifugal fans are dynamically balanced at the factory prior to shipment.

Food Processing
Heavy Industry
Pulp and Paper


MATERIAL TYPESteel, SS304, SS316, Aluminum

PRESSURE RANGE0-1.5" s.p., 1.5-3" s.p., 3-8" s.p., 8-25" s.p.,