RTP - Brownlee-Morrow Company z


Manufacturer: Wright Flow Technologies

• Ideally suited for tanker application and installation
• Machined to accept hydraulic motor
• Bi-directional construction
• Designed to maximise operational life with minimum maintenance
• Low NPSH requirement
• Standard 0.8μm Ra finish

• Designed specifically for tanker applications
• Compact and lightweight
• Pressure relief valves available for front cover
• Two models providing optimum flow/pressure envelope
• 316L product wetted parts
• 3A & FDA options available
• Suitable for both CIP/SIP and COP (Clean Out of Place)
• The design allows high differential pressure nominal 10 &12 bar
• Universal mounting
• Sealed for life lubrication (semi fluid grease)
• Heating & Cooling jackets available for front cover & rotorcase