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Horizontal External Bearing

Manufacturer: Roto Pumps

External Bearing RE Pump

Capacities up to 500 m3/hr
Pressures up to 40 bar

Due to it external bearing mounted design, the product does not come in contact with the bearings and ensures long service life even with the corrosive or abrasive nature fluids. These 0 pumps can handle fluids with high temperatures up to 3500C / 0 6600F. API 682 type seals can be mounted. Built in safety relief valve designed for 100% bypass.

Roto’s horizontal external bearing Twin Screw Pumps find its suitability for handling fluid that shows different characteristics at different temperature.
These pumps are available in standard foot mounted & center lined mounted configuration with or without steam jacketing arrangement. Guarantees reliable running and long life for all liquids whether it is neutral or aggressive.
Mechanical seals are standard. Option for gland packing is also available. Pumps are fitted with relief valves suitable for 100% bypass. The suction and discharge ports are in line.

Oil & Gas
Edible Oil
Power Plant