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Manufacturer: Global Pumps

Global High Performance Trash (GHT)
Global Pump High Performance Trash pumps are specifically designed to effectively handle a wide range of liquids from water and sewage, to sludge that can contain solids and other material. Global Pump High Performance Trash pumps, with advanced enclosed impeller design, provide a dependable, highly efficient solution in a completely automatic priming pump.

• Fuel tanks for extended run times and/or remote location as required
• Skid mounted or highway trailer with integral fuel cell/chassis, lights, fenders, tie downs, lifting bail, front and rear jacks
• Optional CD4MCu stainless steel for abrasion and corrosion resistance
• Global Pump SoundGuard sound attenuated enclosure options (more on separate tab)
• Hose racks, accessory containers and other custom features available as required
• Wide range of suction and discharge fittings including Global Pump's own "QD" Quick Disconnect fittings and accessories

• Global Pump's rugged, heavy duty pumps are engineered specifically for portable application
• Available with a variety of priming systems, including the Global Pump Auto Prime automatic priming system (compressor-fed venturi priming) or a diaphragm priming system.
• Dry running mechanical seal.
• Pump casings hydrostatically tested to 50 psig (345 kPa) above the peak casing design pressure.
• Standard engine control panel provides preset emergency shutdown protection and allows the addition of automatic level control.