CombiTherm - Brownlee-Morrow Company z


Manufacturer: SPX Flow

CombiTherm ensures uniform process temperatures while keeping damaging heat away from seal faces and bearings. CombiTherm is designed to require no external cooling when working within the given parameters. The throttle bush, journal bearing and seal placement reduce circulation and temperature along the pump length. This greatly reduces the temperature at the seal face and bearings.

Suitable for:
Thermal oil heat transfer: OEM Systems, maintaining temperature in jacketed equipment
Marine and Floating Production Systems: Fuel tank heathers and fuel preheating, cargo and product heating, steam generation
Food: Ovens, fish frying, distillation of fatty acids and glycerine, fat softening, potato chips, milk powder plants
Bitumen: Asphalt production, roads and roofing
Rubber and Plastics: Injection molding, PVC tape, manmade fibers
Chemical: Agitators, reactors, drying plants, polymerization, plastics
Paper and wood: Calendar rolls, cardboard, washing machines, driers, floor board and wood panel
High temperature hot water circulation: Hospitals, heating systems

• Nodular cast iron construction
• Long cooling length displacing seal away from the pumped liquid
• Back vanes and labyrinth prevent solids from reaching bearing and seals
• Product lubricated slide bearing
• Standard mechanical seals

CasingNodular cast iron

ImpellerCast iron, Stainless steel

Max. capacity350 m3/h / 1541 GPM [50 Hz], 400 m3/h / 1761 GPM [60 Hz]

Max. delivery head110 m / 361 ft [50 Hz], 160 m / 525 ft [60 Hz]

Max. liquid tempThermal oil 350° C / 662° F, Hot water 190° C / 374° F

Max. pressure16 bar / 232 psi

Max. speed3 600 rpm