CombiTherm+ - Brownlee-Morrow Company


Manufacturer: SPX Flow

CombiTherm Plus ensures uniform process temperatures while keeping damaging heat away from seal faces and bearings. CombiTherm Plus is designed to require no external cooling when working within the given parameters. The throttle bush, journal bearing and seal placement reduce circulation and temperature along the pump length. This greatly reduces the temperature at the seal face and bearings.

Suitable for
• Low viscosity, clean or slightly contaminated and aggressive liquids
• Compact, economic, space saving construction
• Balanced single mechanical seal with EPDM O-rings
• Steam eliminator on seat chamber
• High efficiency impeller
• Bearing area sealed with contact less seals=no wear on the saft
• Threaded tapped holes (UNC) for easy replacement
• Optimized Cooling Fans
• Magnetic Drain Plug which increases the life of bearings and seals
• Low maintenance cost